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iteachvader's avatar, ~2016

Iteachvader is a well-known YouTube Pooper, FL Studio artist and voice actor who joined the YouTube Poop community around late 2010-2011. He specializes in CD-i poops featuring characters such as King Harkinian, Gwonam and more.

He is highly skilled at Sentence Mixing, one of his greater abilities in the field. Currently working on a series of YouTube Poops under the name "Adventures in Hyrule," he's had a lot of practice at this skill for quite some time. Some of his most detailed and creative sentence mixing can be seen in his video Gwonam Buys an X-wing on eBay.


Aspiring to become a voice actor, he practices different voice accents and dialects in a mirror. His favorite pastimes include baseball, cycling, gaming (specifically X-wing Alliance), and creating music. He started making YouTube Poops around 2011, and gradually increased his production quality over the years.


Iteachvader is a very outgoing and social individual, but is easily exasperated by annoying individuals. He displays a very serious outlook on how his creations are used, often taking legal action to delete copies of his work posted by other users.

He dislikes being interrupted during his work as this breaks his concentration.

YouTube PoopEdit

Iteachvader began making poops when he obtained a copy of Sony Vegas 8, originally for the intent of making Sparta Remixes. He has now levitated towards more creative and original ideas involving YouTube Poop.

His first poops were less than perfect. His first CD-i poop, The Journey to Knolomegh, used very simple word-splicing and audio reversing. Later, after watching several poops made by users such as DinnerWarrior and MeStarStudios, he began to explore the possibilities with sentence mixing and video editing. He now creates humorous settings centered around Hyrule Castle, usually ending with the castle or the entire Earth being destroyed in a large explosion. 

YTPMV still plays a role in some of his videos, such as "Queen - Boi..." and others.


  • He plays Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch under the same username.
  • He spends some time building Star Wars creations out of legos.
  • He is a user of this wiki.

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