No tumblr, you are wrong.

The question: Is Mayonnaise a Gender? is a deeply philosophical matter that his been plaguing humanity for over 85,000 years. From Tumblr's, to even Wumbo University's failure to answer this question has led to massive upheaval.

Belief on TumblrEdit

As Tumblr's opinion is extremely relevant it deserves an upfront heading. Tumblr's allotment of SJWs and scientests have led to the belief that yes it isn't. However, the sexest brigade of those asking for proof of this claim as suppressed the publishing of the papers on the matter.

What if you don't believe?Edit

If you don't believe in the absolute truth of this fact, then you are a sexist, misogynist, rape apologist, and you are the scum of the Earth. Really. Just browse the feminist section of tumblr for 5 seconds and come back.

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