When IG pretends to be angry, he looks more like he has a huge obstruction.

Chris Bores (aka The Irate Gamer) is a reviewer of classic video games like the Nerd. Although he has never appeared or even been mentioned in the show, many fans compare him to The Angry Video Game Nerd.


The Irate Gamer has been heavily criticized by AVGN fans. They often accuse him of copying James Rolfe. Such comments include "he should be ashamed for blatantly ripping off AVGN like that" or "Wow he definitely sounds like a AVGN wanna be 100%.......he sux at this -_-".He was also once brought on to a radio show and interviewed for the whole purpose of publicly embarrassing him.

He also receives criticism for relying too much on special effects in his videos, lack of research (He said that Sega Genesis was created to compete with SNES, even though Super Nintendo didn't exist back then), terrible writing, not going into any details in reviews and making vague statements. It's been about 7 years and Irate still doesn't show any sign of improvement. This is so FUstrating!

There were many videos made on YouTube with a sole purpose of exposing IG for being a hack (There is even a blog called 'IG Sucks' made by an obsessive autist called BatDan, where he makes fun of IG's stupidity and unironically roleplays while he's at it). Back in the day, Eyerape Gamer was flagging all the videos criticising him under a name of his imaginary company called Y2B (also known as Yippie 2 Bungholes). 

In Youtube Poops

The Irate Gamer has appeared in several YouTube Poops, but he will make his debut in a YTP series in Bauglir100's YTP Adventures of Eds n Friends

The Irate Gamer also appears in Smash Bros. Lawl and is considered to be the weakest and pure flawed character.

He was once raped by the Pube Muppet.

In The Morshu Show

The Irate Gamer was also featured prominently in The Morshu Show. His role was to be the guy who Morshu annoys and fucks a lot.


  • Rating games
  • Sweet beans in a basket
  • Food
  • Green-circling plain in sight objects
  • Best Hercules
  • Marsmallowy goodness
  • SFX
  • Lying
  • Morshu-Rape
  • Making crappy jokes
    • Having random characters drop by for no reason.


  • Criticism
  • Doing research
  • Exercising
  • Thinking ("Yea, ya THUINK?")
  • Grammer
  • Fred Figglehorn