The Inner Circle was created by Vladimir Alexander Romanov as a terrorist group after the Russian Tsarist Party failed after a coup restoring Vladimir Putin to power. Vladimir wanted Putin to burn in hell because Putin persecuted the RTP after being restored to power.

Inner Circle flag

Inner Circle flag after the fall of Star Channel

The Inner Circle turned into a terrorist group as a result. The Inner Circle blew up Star Channel so it doesn't fall into Putin's government's hands. This Channel became the only channel in existance. A third civil war was started because there was still pro RTP supporters. The Inner Circle was trapped in the Winter Palace for a few weeks.


  • Vladimir Alexander Romanov (founder and leader)
  • Volk (3rd in command)
  • Yur anus (a guard with the funny name)
  • Big Bubba (prison rape expert)
  • Snoo Pingas Usual (formerly a Saiyan Army commander)
  • Waarabe (Somalian contact)



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