was a famous youtuber who was known for making use of animation videos featuring CD-i or other sources. At the time not many poopers utilized this technique because they either had Movie Maker or just didn't know how to. During his time, he would consider his videos to not be YouTube Poop content because he thought those videos weren't funny, but many people still acknowledge him as a pooper simply because of the CD-i characters that make appearances.

When he left YouTube in 2009, he didn't want his videos to be archived. He questions himself everyday, "Who stole or copied my videos today?". IAmTheGang is no longer making videos or even on YouTube, but he is still being referenced and an example of inspiration by many other YouTube Poopers.


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    A picture from one of his videos called "The King"; the left guy is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

    IAmTheGang originally wanted to make a Dr. Rabbit video but decided not to execute the idea because of Colgate suspending accounts for usage of their content at the time.
  • "The Return to Gamelon" was a video and game idea IAmTheGang created. He would experiment this idea even further by making another video actually showcasing gameplay (although just animation) and a video showing the ending cutscene, but decided later to cancel it because it is simply too much work. TRTG was still however referenced on and on, he even once had a YouTube background of "The Return to Gamelon" for the Nintendo 64.
  • IAmTheGang tends to use a lot of Conker's Bad Fur Day references in his videos. Many believed he was a fan of the game until in his tagged video he revealed he never actually played the game.
  • IAmTheGang appears to be a firm believer in drinking responsibly. As seen in his video My Message on Irresponsible Drinking