I.M. Gay is a series of poops created by Kwarkman85 consisting of three installments.


Part 1Edit

It starts with I.M. Meen killing Hectan, ignoring Impa's warning. Ganon offers Meen to join him, but Meen rudely rejects him. An enraged Ganon attacks Meen, who retaliates by sucking Ganon into his book. Link finds Meen, and the two call each other gay until Meen leaves.

Part 2

In the next instalment, King Harkinan tells Zelda and Link that he is going to Gamelon for a month. The King then asks Link to bring him a pizza. Link quickly refuses, resulting in the King ordering Duke Onkled to imprison him. He then asks Zelda the same thing, but she too refuses. King Harkinan has to tell Duke Onkled to bring him a pizza, this time Duke Onkled accepts. Over 9,000 minutes later, the Duke returns with pizza, which the king eats noisily. Once he has finshed eating the pizza, he releases Link and Zelda. Zelda asks her father why he imprisoned them. The King tells them again that he is going to Gamelon, so Link grabs his belongings. Zelda asks the King "What about Link?", and the King replies saying he'll take the triforce of courage to protect him. Link returns with the King's suitcase. He bids farewell to Link and Zelda. On the boat, the King notices things flying towards him. He shoots a beam with his hand. When the dust clears, Gnorris is there, telling the King to be more careful.

Part 3

Characters AppearingEdit


YouTube Poop I.M. Gay 1:

YouTube Poop I.M. Gay 2:

YouTube Poop I.M. Gay 3:

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