"I'm very hungry!"
– Hungry Pumkin

If you thought King Harkinian was bad when it came to food, wait til you get a load of this!

The Hungry Pumkin is part of a race known as pumkins, which are humanoid pumpkin-like creatures that try to enslave humanity by trying teaching them grammar. This one on the other hand got kicked out of the Pumkin World Navy when he violently murdered a private when he would not give him the salt at dinner.

Ashamed for what he had done, he goes to random diners and eats the pain away. Over time, he turned himself into the ultimate eating machine. He can now eat glass, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic but despite this, he is a very picky eater. He will only eat the things he asks for. When he told a waiter he just wanted to eat a whole salt shaker, the waiter instead gave him a sandwitch. The pumkin was so upset with this, he pimp slapped the sandwich out the window and replied "No! I don't want that!" This went on two more times until the waiter finally gave him the salt, and was shocked when he saw the pumkin eat it whole. To make matters worse, the pumkin left without paying. And he's still out there...

Hungry Pumkin also made a minor appearance on Veggie Tales, leading an angry mob who was trying to chase Archibald Asparagus out of town, because his bratty nephew Junior told everyone that Archibald was secretly Emperor Zurg. Hungry Pumkin, however, knew nothing about this, and was only chasing Archibald because he wouldn't give up his fries. After that, Hungry Pumkin was chased off the set by Bob the Tomato when the pumkin tried to steal all the slushies in the studio (and what's more, Hungry Pumkin simply swallowed all the cups whole instead of drinking the frozen beverages).

If Hungry Pumkin ever confronts you and demands you for food, just give him whatever he asks for and he'll probably go away, but he won't pay you. If you don't give him the right food, he'll violently swat whatever you brought him away, and then yell at you for being stupid. If you do not give him anything at all, you better run away quickly, as he will go berserk and try to eat YOU! And whatever you do, NEVER try to kill Hungry Pumkin. If you do, not only will he heal in a matter of seconds, but he'll also make clones of himself (which he did to overrun the townspeople of Arlen, TX)! I'd rather take one Hungry Pumkin over a million any day! Worse of all, Hungry Pumkin was a Bernie Sanders supporter. When Sanders lost, Hungry Pumkin went on a killing/eating spree. It's strongly hinted that the one surving the Hungry Pumpkin is You.