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Native To

North America, Europe


8.3 billion

Average IQ


Humans are the most common humanoid species, having about 8 billion people, with Mobians, Furries, Elves, Saiyans, Ponies and Demons being slightly behind.


One day, a monkey gave birth to the first human. Then that human died. Then the ancestors of modern apes split off, slowly evolving into modern people.

5000 years ago, humanity hit a plateau of intelligence. Every time a society became advanced, the ancestors of modern Americans destroyed the nation due to their fear of change. This happened to Rome, Sparta, Atlantis, and many other advanced nations.

The other species kept pushing forward as a single force, and soon passed the humans. They began to take over the planet in an era known as Middle-Earth. Only the strongest, smartest, and fastest humans survived, and therefore evolved to become the slightly more intelligent species of today.

Abilities Edit

Humans only have an average power level of 5 but if you do 100 push ups, sit ups, and squats and a 10 km run for 3 years can make you strong, only one human has accomplished this.

Some humans can have abilities like Mario who was granted special powers, along with his brother Luigi. Elsa also has ice powers.

Notable HumansEdit

YouTube Poop Species

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