Hug-Monster is an alien race that kidnappes and rape small and greedy kids (like Eddy and Mandy) during the midnight.

From where this race comes fromEdit

It's a meme made by the spore real life club and they have a big role in Hug-Monster the movie. Another theory says that they were originated from the beds of little kids from New York City. Cookie Monster once said that they were failed experiments made by Pranktin during his time in the Skodwarde Squad but this is still unknown because Cookie Monster says that he never knew more about them since he got fired from the team.

Plan to take over the worldEdit

They tried to take over the YTP planet starting with Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule but they got defeated by the plan of using the Dinner Blaster against them. The plan was made thanks to Yoko, Yoshi and Weegee that they achieved in doing so.

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