Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario box art

Hotel Mario is a game that was released for the Philips CD-i (which has also made Nintendo-based games like: Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda's Adventure and Kirby and the secret Star Rod) in 1994.

History Edit

The game's release under the development of Philips was part of a deal involving the cancellation of a CD-ROM add-on for the Super NES allowing Philips to use two Nintendo franchises for their own consoles.

Original reception Edit

The game received extremely low ratings due to poorly-drawn cutscenes, bad controls, and its low-quality cutscenes are one of the most popular sources for Youtube Poop videos.

YouTube Poop popularity Edit

All Toasters Toast Toast00:24

All Toasters Toast Toast

The famous Toaster scene, viewed during the second area.

The game gained YTP popularity for its sheer ridiculesness, little relevance to the real Mario series, and being the only game where Mario speaks in complete sentences outside of a text box. For example, as Mario traverses the second hotel, the lights go off. In a real Mario game, Mario would have to fight some electrical creature to get the power on. But what is the real source? "Too many Toasters!". Toasters were never mentioned before or after this point. The game's creators tried to make a joke, but could not. Several sounds from this became popular memes.


Notable PoopersEdit

  • RedKing920
  • Primantiss
  • TVSehrWitz
  • 0LongCat0
  • McKrazyKing101

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