(Lived: 1889 - 1945)

Hirohito ID

Hirohito signing autographs of his fans

Hirohito was the emperor of Imperial Japan, who captured his victims, take them to a grassy plain with swastikas everywhere. He then tortured them and say "Heil Hirohito". Oh, and he had a pet called Hideki Tojo.



Hirohito had a funny childhood (for him). He had a pet cat known as Gumball. Together, they killed and raped everybody in his school and make a friendship with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Then, Hirohito support Hitler his idea of conquest with the Nazi Team. Hirohito met Hideki Tojo, a faggot bitch looking for sex, Hirohito recruit him just because he felt sorry for him. Hirohito opened his own base of faggot, killers and murderers Chinese waiting for sex, drugs and porn.

Criminal careerEdit

He will say that while he is cutting swastikas into his victims until they die. Then he will eat the bodies. He lives behind hyrule castle, where the trash is kept in dumpsters. He comes out at night and lurks around the castle, waiting for his next victim.

Also, he is the only murderer who has not been jailed yet. This and his Body Counter is innumerable. Hirohito is one of the most wanted persons in the world.

Duncan the MurdererEdit

A time later Duncan works for Hirohito and the nazi army like cleaner of bathrooms again, However, he was fired because Hideki Tojo lied reporting to Hirohito that duncan wanted to betray him. Hirohito command his army to kill and rape Courtney and all the friends of Duncan.


Duncan attacks Nazi's Base, the downtown Tampa nightclub Hirohito and, killing many of Nazi members. He kills Hideki Tojo by having the crime boss' sex toy hold an eight-pound, trip-wire activated grenade until his arm wearies and the grenade explodes, killing him. Duncan wounds Hirohito with a pistol when Hirohito attempts to shoot him in the parking lot of the nightclub. Duncan then ties Hirohito to a slow-moving car. As the car drags Hirohito through the lot, Duncan sets off several hidden bombs; the resulting destruction and wreckage kills Hirohito and culminate in the shape of the Punisher's iconic skull.


Dr. Weird was searching a new plan to create a new creature that destroy the world, then Steve tolds him about a "new raboot" then Dr. Weird prepared the plans with Steve to create The "New-Raboot-X. Dr. Weird used Hirohito's Brain to create for him an intelligence from somebody evil like Dr. Weird and used Chuck Norris arms to make him more handsome. Being Hirohito, Raboot-X can't say anything other than "Duncan" because he was his killer when he was Hirohito in the destroyed SSS Squad. Steve shortly believe create it was a bad idea, then the New-Raboot-X slapped Steve away.

Final DeathEdit

After that and now with the help of Satan, Dr. Weird and Raboot-X captured Sonic.exe, Tails.exe and Shadow.exe because Satan wanted to rape them and became richer but after being spoiled the plan, Dark Cyink arrived in the scene to destroy New-Raboot-X, then Dr. Weird and Raboot-X fighted against Dark Cyink but they were defeated and Dark Cyink cut Raboot-X's head and making Hirohito's brain was expelled from the robot resulting the destruction of the New-Raboot-X

Character InfoEdit





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