Hedgehog Aces Flag

The Flag of the Squad

Hedgehog Aces (also called Plumber Aces) is the Squad which is the Home Squad of the Main Protagonist of USB Series. Today, it's led by Wario, Sonic, and Shadow.


The Squad was created when Wario and Shadow were looking for a place to fap. Then, Sonic dropped his Pingas and Shadow took it, then the Pingas gave to Sonic and Shadow of creating Hedgehog Aces, a place of Humans and Mobians who can fap all the time without being disturbed. Sonic is now the ruler of half of the squad and Shadow too. Later, Wario wanted to be leader, and he got 25% of the squad, but only because he had a gigantic Pingas, and then because the squad was recently created.

Inhabited ByEdit

  • Hedgehogs
  • Plumbers from Mushroom Kingdom


SHDW.Nobody is allowed to call Shadow names (Created by Shadow)

  1. Nobody is allowed to steal the pants of the ruler
  2. No Ebola allowed (Since 1337, includes Ebola Cola) 
  3. Fetuses Not allowed in strip clubs because it's illegal and you know
  4. Justin Bieber stuff not allowed
  5. Rebecca Black stuff not allowed
  6. Viacom Stuff not allowed
  7. Nobody is allowed to look at the dick of the ruler
  8. No midgets allowed in roller coasters
  9. Exes will be sent in Hell
  10. If anyone says YOU WILL DIE that person will have to run naked everywhere on a public zone (Does not count for Ganon)
  11. Anyone Who Yells FUCK When accidentally spilled coffee on feet will have to run naked everywhere on a public zone
  12. Hobos will get $1,000,000
  13. Rapists will be jailed and beaten up or executed
  14. If anyone makes an parody of an JB or an RB song that person will be jailed for 2 days and beaten up
  15. Any girl who calls the ruler a Dumbass or Dumbfuck will be spanked and Fucked by some robotic tentacles
  16. Any Dude who calls the ruler a Dumbass or Dumbfuck will be shot down in the balls
  17. Anyone who eats Apples from the ruler's garden will be kicked down in the nuts/will be shot down
  18. LazyTown songs will be censored with rock music
  19. Aliens will be called Allens
  20. You cant jump over the shoe of Tom Cruise
  21. Making illegal money will get you shot down
  22. If anyone trolls someone then the person who got trolled has to dance in small pants for 10 hours
  23. Killers will be killed
  24. Drug dealers will be killed
  25. Any people who do bad things will be killed
  26. Nudists are not allowed on beaches
  27. Brats not allowed

Swear words of this squadEdit

  • "Fuhedgeck"
  • "Shedgeit"
  • "Bihedgetch"
  • "Cuhedgent"
  • "Ahedgess"
  • "Shedgeisse"
  • "Mother Fuhedgecker"

All the swear words have hedge at the middle

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