While you look at this image, she has already cheated you

Heather is a character of Total Drama series, She always plays dirty and is the most popular because she is so evil and is also president in Heatherland.


She's evil because she came in 3rd place since won thanks to favors that Chris did to the cab confessions. She is generally wrong with almost everyone, especially the voluminous darkly Leshawna and Gwen (his archenemy declared) and other than that, it is rumored that she intensity by the blonde did not come out with Tyler is due to reasons other than "alliance ". Her greatest fear are Sumo fighters because they envy because Heather suffers from bulimia.

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Raping People while they are sleeping
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Assholes of the world


  • Playing Fair
  • Losing
  • Sumo Wrestlers
  • Goodie Two Shoes People

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