Haunted Towers is yet another haunted house in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is located near the Pipe Lands. It is the largest one there.


Malleo wanted a new house so he made one. With help from Nappa, he created a a huge and terrifying house. It was created in 5069.


Like all ghost houses in the Mushroom Kingdom, it has treasure but we don't know why. The treasure is a bunch of mushrooms that end up making you think you're inside a rocket ship to hell. There's about $70,000 of mushrooms in there.


There's over 9000 about 15 rooms or so. You'll get lost in this incredibly complex labyrinth. No joke. Seriously. The rooms are also made of green poop, made by Eric Cartman.


  • Malleo
  • Ghost Nappa
  • Uncle Grandpa (Yes, the turd lives here)

As a side note, every ass that lived here died.

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