Happydeath20 is a YouTube pooper that appeared long ago, but unfortunatley for him, his poops are shunned. To make up for this, he decided to make an article about him on this wiki in hopes to get views on his channel.

Life Before Youtube PoopEdit

Before learning of YTP, he was an average Minnesotan doing average Minnesotan things (not that Minnesotan things are any different than other American things), but one day, in the summer of 2008, he saw a YTP for the first time that parodied his favorite N64 game, Starfox 64, The Anti-Climatic Death Of Fox McCloud. That moment on, he browsed the other YTP's to see what they are about, and after one and a half years, made his first YTP.

Pooping careerEdit

His First YTP, The Worst YouTube Poop To Ever Exist, was spot on for the title, but his second YTP called Coffee Break was his more successful. When searching other poopers, he noticed that YTPnews1 had an interest in using a cartoon skunk named Sabrina, and he made a 20 second poop making fun of the interest since he wanted to do something for the lulz.

Seeing that his YTP's are not even passed the 100 view mark combined, he decided to upload the lost tracks of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in hopes of getting views, but that was to no success, and went to a last ditch effort to prove he was an attention whore, make a wiki article about himself. Things went uphill from there.