"I'm gonna kick your ass!"
– Hank Hill
Hank Hill

The King of the Hill

Hank sallaD

Dallas?... Sallad...

Hank Hill is an IRL lolcow made of solidified propane. His two loves in life are selling propane and propane accessories and his dog, Ladybird with his friends and family coming a very distant 3rd and 4th. His only weakness is charcoal related items and the retardedness of his son, Bobby Hill.

Powers And Abilities

When angered, Hank Hill is a nigh-unstoppable testament to human might. It would be suicidal to so much as approach Hank during his "episodes", let alone provoke them. Should you ever be targeted, "I'm Gonna Kick Yer Ass!" could very well be the last words you'll ever hear as a moving person, if not then in a wheelchair. Hank Hill uses his godly powers for world domination.


While most lolcows have giant asses that protect them, Hank quite literally has no ass, he no immunity whatsoever to butthurt. Trolling him as easy (and dangerous) as setting a chihuahua on fire... a 13 feet tall chihuahua on steroids, that is. His neighbor, Dale Grible is always getting his ass kicked because he tries to troll Hank. Hank also uses his bitch, Bill, as a human shield.


It is basically Hank's way of saying getting high and smoking weed. By weed, we mean propane.

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