"The name's Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya' doin'?"

Hades is the prison warden of Hell who got the short end of the stick in the industry of godly employment. Don't be confused by his (more) badass video game counterpart


Hades was born on Olympus to Uranus and Gaea, but he was saved when his father decided to eat him. Hades was always the outcast of the gods since he found all of them annoying and because he didn't develop a golden glow to his skin which somehow became blue. Because Satan was nowhere to be found, a new ruler of the Underworld was needed. Hades was tasked with this which he hated, but was still relieved to be away from all the rampant incest on Olympus.

The Underworld

Hades is mostly there to make sure nobody escapes which he does rather poorly, possibly in the hope of getting fired. His two minions are Pain and Panic, who are there for Hades when he needs someone to get mad at. The only thing he likes about his home is that none of the other gods go in there.