"You managed to break the laws of biology. Now break the laws of physics "
– Gumball encouraging Darwin to be a retard
Gumball Watterson is the main character from The Amazing World of Gumball. He has a strange family and his brother and best friend is an adopted goldfish who broke the laws of biology. He makes quite idiotic choices and selfish ones too. His family is a lazy and fat father, an overworked mother, a genius sister, and a goldfish who finds everything wonderful (which may clue he takes drugs.)He also stars as the main character of his series Gumball and friends


Gumball sucks at photo picture day.

Gumball is the most idiotic character on the show. He finds a way to either get himself killed or something in almost every episode. But he somehow survives. What is he?! Chuck Norris's son?! Oh, wait a minute. Chuck's last name is Norris and Gumball's last name is Watterson. So, he's still a idiot. But he can be cute.

Gumball is currently the CEO of Cartoon Network.

Gumball is planned to be the succesor of Bugs Bunny as the CEO of Warner Bros if he dies.

Rivarly to other companies and years as a CEO and military Edit

Recently on a Facebook post, Gumball announced planning to demand and rape SpongeBob for stealing his KCA blimp on the KCA's 2017, Gumball also said that he was planning to assasinate Lincoln Loud's sisters for the way they threath him, this rivalrly is not a surprise since Bugs Bunny declared war to other companies such as Disney since a certain Nazi duck called Daffy Duck the N word, Gumball also plans to get Mickey Mouse dead, since he bullied him in his childhood (Gumball assaninated Stromboli a few years ago), and also this greedy dirtbag is planning to call Osama Bin Laden's son to assasinate Scrooge McDuck to get rich, Gumball also announced on Twitter that he will start working in the military army of Japan in order to exterminate Chinese people (All because of a certain goat) and also he is planning to launch an atomic bomb in New Bikini Bottom, to this day, the fate of SpongeBob is only seen on Gumball's deep web account, he also ordered his brother (Darwin) to rape him before he became CEO of Cartoon Network after Finn The Human lost one of his arms in an horrible accident.

Gumball has suffered deadly accidents alongside his career (yet he survives), causing the new Teen Titans (aka Teen Titans Go!) to take over he channel, Gumball has been angered by this and he plans to make the new Teen Titnas die in a plane accident (like the one of El Chapecoense).
Cute eyes gumball by bigbob101-d5cbpdl

Trust me, he's cute. Or is he?

Gumball Watterson

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