"You managed to break the laws of biology. Now break the laws of physics "
– Gumball encouraging Darwin to be a retard
Gumball Watterson is the main character from The Amazing World of Gumball. He has a strange family and his brother and best friend is an adopted goldfish who broke the laws of biology. He makes quite idiotic choices and selfish ones too. His family is a lazy and fat father, an overworked mother, a genius sister, and a goldfish who finds everything wonderful (which may clue he takes drugs.)


Gumball sucks at photo picture day.

Gumball is the most idiotic character on the show. He finds a way to either get himself killed or something in almost every episode. But he somehow survives. What is he?! Chuck Norris's son?! Oh, wait a minute. Chuck's last name is Norris and Gumball's last name is Watterson. So, he's still a idiot. But he can be cute. 
Cute eyes gumball by bigbob101-d5cbpdl

Trust me, he's cute. Or is he?

Gumball Watterson

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