Doad (1)

Green Ranger.

Green Power Ranger is one of the few people who have the privilege the dishonor of becoming the Earth's protectors but more importantly, the US. Just like every other power ranger, this guy committed a crime so evil, it pissed off a god. This guy is no exception to the rule.

He currently works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to pay off crime lords he encountered in his life. Rather than working 5 nights though, he worked 22 days in a row. Despite nearly getting stuffed into a suit 89 times, he only got a $10 paycheck.


He smoked a bunch of weed that he stole from Cornholio. Cornholio was pissed and sentenced him for life as a ranger. This is why he has the color of green and also why he always talks like he is high. He also stole a huge truck load of it from Ghostface too.


Likes and DislikesEdit



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