Spongebob and Patrick begin their life of crime.

Grand Theft Balloon is the act of stealing a balloon. It is a serious crime in most countries, and Sonic even said that it's no good! ISIS supports Grand Theft Balloon 100%, mostly because Grand Theft Balloon makes them LOL.

It is also one of the worst crimes in the YouTube Poop World, with the punishment being different in each nation. In Koridai, the punishment is death by being drowned in maple syrup. In 'Murica the punishment is that you are forced to read the bible. In Equestria, it's being publically raped for seventeen hours straight. The worst of them all is Hyrule, where the punishment for Grand Theft Balloon is going to bed without dinner. The only nation without a sentance for this evil crime is Arendelle, which has no punishment. This is because Arendelle spends all its money in military and expanding the military, so they can catch up with Koridai.

People Who Stole a Balloon

Got Away With It

Got Arrested

Broke out of Prison