Goronu is a wizard that reborn skeletons to find the living and cut their vile throats. YouTube Poop is what has made him famous as all it takes to find poops of him is just typing in his name[1].


He is a wizard whose mission is to be wise old man and deliver marijuana and teaching in the style of a veterinarian/Warlock/priest/guru either; He is pedophile and his spare lops Gwonam several times behind the camera (any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental). Goronu is the best friend of Bob Marley.


It's believed that Goronu put resistance when a radical stranger called Hectan had to pull out of his lair with his democracy, because Hectan was going to indict because the plan to rule the world and their identity as Antichrist and Alliance with Ganon (whom he sent to kill suddenly to stay with all the oil) exposed, dueled in a duel as the Palpatine against Mace Windu (proofs are rumors about destroyed parts of the House and with signs of violence). Hectan reached him to give him a fatal kick in the face, which pulled his sword out of the House and defeated Goronu. Some say that Goronu is still alive, but ended up deformed (which is little recognizable) and who is planning to announce a rebellion planned by Hectan against the democracy of the Koridai, so a rebellion with Ganon to regain the power and make a Federal Empire.

Reference from GwonamEdit

Gwonam also states to Link in The Faces of Evil cutscenes, "Look and seee, Goronu..." Then he rambles on, talking about more of Gannon's minions.

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