Hollywood godzilla
The top of a primordial ecosystem.




107 meters


top of the line predator, God


alive... FOREVER



Power Level

Godzilla: is the King of monsters, a huge dinosaur that happened to be nuke but was not harmed by the blast.

He hunts M.U.T.O's for a living and is a deep sea god. He hunts whales and


Godzilla in the 70's

even hunts Cthulhu sometimes,

He also snacks on submarines when he wants to.

Godzilla in the MoviesEdit

Godzilla movies are actually real recordings, but the Japanese have been charged with disguise with bad special effects and frames nonsense. The alleged Godzilla filmography is longer that of Akira Kurosawa, and many of his films have achieved larger than the seven samurai and bible black successes together.

The plot of all his films is basic: Godzilla destroys Tokyo, Japanese flee in terror, another giant monster appears and fight to see who will dominate the remainder of the island. Meanwhile, the Japanese think of a complicated plan to destroy Godzilla, and end up failing. The enraged monster defeats his opponent, Japan continues to destroy people but leave enough alive to return to destroy them in his next movie.

Likes Edit

  • Anguirus (BFF)
  • Rodan (BFF)
  • Baragon (BFF)
  • Gorosaurus (BFF)
  • King Caesar (BFF)
  • Varan (BBF)
  • Jet Jaguar (BFF)
  • Minya (Son)
  • Mothra (Sometimes)
  • Yoko Littner (BFF)
  • Destroying the city of Tokyo and eating the people and Fiats and Snickers there when he's hungry. He also does this when his respective commercials.
  • Whales (MAIN DIET)
  • Gareth Edwards (Also a common diet)
  • Destroying shit

Dislikes Edit

  • M.U.T.Os
  • Bambi
  • Smaug
  • Hideki Tojo (Worst Enemy)
  • Cthulhu (they fight over the same food)
  • King Ghidorah (Enemy)
  • Gigan (Enemy)
  • Megalon (Enemy)
  • Mecha Godzilla (Enemy)
  • Mecha King Ghidorah (Enemy)
  • Hedorah (Enemy)
  • Biollante (Enemy)
  • Battra (Enemy)
  • SpaceGodzilla (Enemy)
  • Titanosaurus (Enemy)
  • Orga (Enemy)
  • Ebirah (Enemy)
  • King Kong (Enemy)
  • Tokyo
  • Viacum
  • Humanity

Videos Edit

Theme of the Week 19 - Godzilla's Theme (2014)04:58

Theme of the Week 19 - Godzilla's Theme (2014)

his (2014) them

Godzilla 2014 Full Roar-000:32

Godzilla 2014 Full Roar-0


Gallery Edit

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