Don't tell the Boss that I have a Character page!

Gnorris (born March 14, 1946) is I.M. Meen's disgruntled employee. He's not to be confused with Chuck Norris, although both names sounds similar. He is always forced to help his boss with the brilliant scheme of the day, only to be cleaning up the mess when they fail. Gnorris is always happy to help when someone's about to put his boss in his place.

Working LifeEdit

Gnorris was born in Iceland. He works all day keeping the place clean and managing the prisoners while dealing with his boss's annoying behavior. His pay is almost minimal and he is never given any bonuses or health insurance. He works Sundays and holidays and only has 10 minute lunch breaks.

In 2012, Mayor Kravandish offered Gnorris a position at Hyrule State Prison. Gnorris accepted and left for his new job right away, but not before defecating on Meen's desk. Since them, Gnorris is living in the prison and sometimes is abused by Earthworm Jim.


This is what I.M. Meen sent Gnorris by email. In the words of Meen: "Mess up and this is you!"

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