Gloomy manor
Gloomy Manor is one of the sub houses in Luigi's Mansion. Gloomy Manor is still in the Mushroom Kingdom but much farther away. It was created by Herobrine when he came to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Gloomy Manor is about 6.9 kilometers away from the original Luigi's Mansion. It is located near Bowser's Castle. Bowser himself believes however, that the house should be wrecked for Miley Cyrus.


Gloomy Manor has multiple rooms. It has about 13 rooms or so. However, unlike the original it's not full of porn and other weird stuff. Instead? They have coral. Yes, Coral. Every room is made of flipping coral.


Gloomy Manor had a few inhabitants before becoming abandoned.

  • Herobrine -> His first house and creator.
  • Vladimir Makarov -> Used for his terrorist plans
  • Malleo -> Used it to watch porn.

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