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Status Destroyed
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sexual Orientation
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Species Demon
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Giywardeaugh is the fusion of Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish and Skodwarde that resulted from all 3 souls into the Devil Machine (created by Fizzy Walnuts and Colress) at the same time.



Tirek are planning resucites Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish and Skodwarde collecting his souls thanks to Father and Marine the Raccoon. During the experiment, Tirek, Colress and Fizzy Walnuts had a discussion of the 3 souls of Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish and Skodwarde. They got a fight and when Tirek pushes Moar Krabs, he causes an error in the Devil Machine, Introducing the 3 souls at the same time, The result was Giywardeaugh, a monster without mind and without objective, However, he just thinks The Death Squad (UMA) was responsible of his creation (A Tirek Lie) and now want revenge.

Betray and The new leader of the T.D SquadEdit

When Tirek had the victory insured, Giywardeaugh betrays him and absorbs all his power, Tirek was turned into a weak and old faggot. Giywardeaugh proclaims him like the new T.D Squad Founder and Leader. Now with the powers of Tirek, Giywardeaugh can absorbs the powers and abilities of his victims and becomes more powerful than before.

After hears about Mors, Giywardeaugh absorbs the power of all the T.D Squad Members (Includes Squidward Power), Now with a mortal and incredible power, Giywardeaugh has been overloaded and now with Zalgo powers.


Giywardeaugh Overloaded dies by the hands of Mors (DarkTeegee and Dark Tails) in an epic battle for the destiny of YouTube Poop, During the battle, Giywardeaugh Overloaded loses his Immortality and was disintegrated by a Genkidama of Mors.

After his death, all the powers stoled returns to the T.D Squad members, after that, the T.D Squad proclaims the peace with the Death Squad.


How Giywardeaugh is part of Skodwarde, he can alter himself.

Phase 1Edit


Giywardeaugh's First form

Giygas soul appears preparing to attack to his victim, he has the same powers of Giygas, but now more powerful and more dangerous than before. He has PSI Powers and this time, Unlimited with new PSI types and new unexpected attacks.

Phase 2Edit


Giywardeaugh's Phase 2

Now Skodwarde appears, but just like a head with black eyes, red face like the blood and new powers like Giygas. This fase is more dangerous cause now you will fight against Giygas and Skodwarde at the same time and now they can help each other.

Final FormEdit

Now more dangerous than before, DEUUEAUGH Fish soul appears in middle of Giygas and Skodwarde souls, Now he has the ability to scare you with his hideous reaction face. In this final form, now you fight against Giygas, Skodwarde and DEUUEAUGH Fish Souls, Now they can heal faster, They can help each other and now they had enough power to destroy the universe.


Is even more powerful and mortal than before, he had all the powers of the T.D Squad members, this with the Zalgo powers and the Morbid Powers of Moar Krabs and Fizzy Walnuts, is a terrible future for everybody in YouTube Poop.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • He has unlimited psychic and satanic abilities, unlimited yet uncontrollable power over darkness and evil.
  • He can use the PSI Rockin. (Giygas)
  • He can steal any PSI Attacks, except Giygas. (Ninten, Ness, Lucas)
  • He can give you a hideous reaction of terror. (DEUUEAUGH Fish)
  • He has many transformations and his power level is OVER 9000!! (Vegeta, Skodwarde)
  • He has kicking abilites and saying "This is SPARTA!!!!" (King Leonidas)
  • He has the power of control the fire and the lava. (Father (KND))
  • He has dark magic and robot technology in all his body. (Scratch), (Severous Snape)
  • He has the ability to absorb the power of his enemies. (Lord Tirek)


  • Giywardeaugh has some abilities of the Black Hiver, but Fizzy Walnuts neither Colress put some of the Black Hiver powers in the Devil Machine.
  • Giywardeaugh had the plan of betrays Tirek in a future.
  • The Lullaby of Maria has no effect on Giywardeaugh.
  • When he speaks, the 3 souls speaks at the same time.