Giygas's Lair

Full map of the lair

Giygas's Lair is Giygas's evil lair where Giygas rests occasionally when he is tired. Giygas's Lair is a dark, morbid and twisted living place, have been very few inhabitants, most chose to commit suicide due to the horrible atmosphere it has.


When Giygas was defeated by Ninten, he needed a new base to stay and recuperate. Then, Pokey Minch, a fat faggot boy who likes to be raped by his owners, created and offered this place to Giygas promising him to be the perfect base to stay and relax. Giygas then agreed.


Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo arrived into Giygas's Lair and challenged Giygas to a fight, Giygas was angry for not able to relax watching porn, and decides to destroy Ness and his friends and incidentally rape them. Giygas, with the help of Pokey Minch, attacks Ness and his friends, and if that didn't work, he frightened them by becoming Justin Bieber nude, Rebecca Black, or another worst nightmares.

Lamentably for Giygas and Pokey, Ness pulled a lever which expelled the inhabitants as a toilet. Giygas and Pokey were removed of their living place and Giygas starts to rape Pokey for his failure. Fortunately, Ness and his friends couldn't stand the atmosphere of the place and left, frightened of the lair. Giygas recovered his home, but in the process, he fired Pokey Minch for being a faggot.

War against Ganon's Lair

One day, Giygas proclaimed war against Ganon and his lair, the cause of war is unknown, but is believed that the cause was a fight between Ganon and Giygas. During a bloody and sad war, many warriors were killed during the war, having a total of 9000 victims deceased in the Cold War.

Ganon and Giygas confronted each other after a battle. Giygas beat Ganon with stinging eyes and imprisoning him in the Book again.


  • Giygas's Lair is considered to be the worst living place in the planet.
    • However, the Memoryheads consider it a good place to relax
  • Most people who committed suicide were YouTube Poopers.
  • The total number of people killed in this place is unknown. However, it is definitely over 9000.
  • Giygas's lair was hidden untill some idiot came along.
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