"You fell down some stairs"
– Ghost Nappa

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Ghost Nappa is the very annoying spirit of Nappa, the incredibly insane and even more annoying Saiyan. His goal is to help Vegeta but ends up annoying the living shit out of him, like you. Ghost Nappa has his own parody song called "Ghost Nappa".


  • Annoying the daylight out of Vegeta.
  • Singing Ghost Nappa
  • Giving Vegeta a hard time
  • Vegeta (Sometimes)
  • Indirectly telling Vegeta that he was raped by Dodoria
  • His Rape Face (sometimes)
  • Watching anime porn
  • Pokeballs
  • Hollywood
  • Dairy Queen


  • Having a power level under 9000
    • Which is always
  • Being told to shut up
  • Vegeta (sometimes)
  • Vegeta's Rape Face (sometimes)
  • Not being a Super Saiyan
  • Getting his ass kicked
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Nappa became a ghost because while he was on Earth, Vegeta got incredibly annoyed and blasted him to bits. Vegeta then remarks saying he's always wanted to do that. Unfortunately, the gods got pissed at him and sent Nappa in a ghost form to haunt Vegeta's ass forever.


After his death, the first thing he did was make a cheap underrated version of the Ghost Busters song. Now he sings it after nearly every YTP that has him. He also follows around Vegeta, annoying him every chance he gets. His soul is somewhere in Hell.

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