"Nice of the princess to invite us over to a pick-nick, 'gay luigi?"
Fat Mario

It's Super Luigi!

Luigi addressing you

Full Name Gay Luigi Mario
Background Information
Hometown Mushroom Kingdom
Status Alive?
Likes Fat Mario (he's married)
Peach (his ex-wife)
Dislikes Bowser
Occupation Plumber
Source Hotel Mario
Appearances Hotel Mario
Various YTPs
Sexual Orientation Guess what?
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Fat Mario (brother and husband)
Friends Fat Mario
Enemies Bowser (archenemy)
The Koopalings
Date Joined

Gay Luigi (born July 23, 1979; age 38) is the character played by the famous Luigi in Hotel Mario.


Gay Luigi is written a better and smarter version of Luigi, being more brave and getting some of Peach. Despite this, he is still quite cowardly and will often run away at the first sight of danger.

Gay Luigi is also quite unlucky, often suffering injury's due to explosions, falling off buildings and being eaten.

Gay luigi by meleemovies-d3fixei

"I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!"

His favourite food is spaghetti.


Gay Luigi is known for being less of a butt monkey in Hotel Mario than he is in his main series games. Ironically, the filming of the cutscenes were poorly handled, much to Luigi's misfortune. Being 40 and unable to get a stunt double, Luigi was forced to perform tricks that he would ordinarily be unable to do such as having Mario jump on his back and making over 10 feet drops, Luigi's chiropractor was always on hand. The faulty wiring in the facility would cause fires that would engulf Luigi seemingly spontaneously. Weegee would also sometimes arrive to harass those on the set.


  • Gay Luigi got his nickname due to many people mis-hearing Mario's quote "Eh,Luigi?".
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