Gary Motherfucking Oak

Smell ya later!!!

Gary Oak is a bully in Pokemon series and the true antagonist during all the history of Pokemon. Gary was chasing Ash Ketchum all this time just to ruin his dreams of become the greatest face of Koridai.


Gary was a monster in his childhood. He abused from a little kid in a trash bin for weeks until he was discovered and arrested by the police. Gary achieved to escape from prison and returned to rape the same children and this time using a knife. Gary stole a bank of Koridai and killed many citizens of Ireland just because they called him a fucking bastard.

Reasons why everybody hates him

The real motherfucker! You travel with a bitchy redhead, Gary's got 5 bitches in a convertable. You have all 8 badges, Gary has 10 of them. You have your first kid, Gary's the father. You make 100,000 a year, Gary's your boss. Long story short, Gary is the best, and you have no hope of being as awesome as him.


Hoo boy, here we go...

  • Went to Johto before it was even discovered.
  • Went to the Virgin Islands, they were just The Islands when he left.


I hate this channel
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