Ganon's Pub is a bar featured in various YouTube Poops. It is owned by no other than Ganon.


Little is known as to how this bar was started, other than the fact that it is favorited by many YouTube Poop characters like King Harkinian, Gaston, Fat Mario, and Gay Luigi. The joke was made by famous YouTube Poop IAmTheGang, who had a talent for cut and paste animations. It was later featured in a poop called The King Gets a Car, where the King stops by at the bar to get drunk. Another time it was featured was when Link tried to get a PS4 and had to steal it from Ganon.

Team Rocket has a base right next to Gannon's Pub. The manager of the base saw The King shoot Fat Mario and Gay Luigi, and he called the cops. The pub is still running today.


  • This pub is similar to the Salty Spitoon; in order to gain membership, one must eat a bowl of nails for breakfast without any milk.
  • The name is a homage to a real life bar called "Gannon's Pub".
  • The bar sells The King's "fish & chips".
  • The bar's name is misspelled on its own sign. This is likely due to Ganon's lack of education, and that nobody dares to try and correct him.
  • This Pub also doesn't allow Fred-Fans and will bar fight them if they enter.

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