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Ganon's Lair is Ganon's super duper evil lair there he scheduled his evil plans to conquer HyruleKoridai and Ganon no longer uses it as Koridai was annexed into the Kingdom of Hyrule. Don't bring a light to this place or you will die.

Post Hyrulian AnnexationEdit

After Hyrule annexed Koridai, King Harkinian sent 12 people to clear all loot. They found; Over 9000 Rupees, Bombs, and a Windows 95 with a corrupted version of reversi loaded on it, with King Leonidas's face, shouting "This is Sparta!!!!".

After that, the Lair was abandoned, and no one bothered to go there, because there was nothing to take. This changed after Koridai became a canter for Hyrulian tourism, and a museum was established. That is how the lair is today.

War against Giygas's LairEdit

One day, Ganon proclaimed war against Giygas and his lair, the cause of war is unknown, but is believed that the cause was a fight between Ganon and Giygas. During a bloody and sad war, many warriors were killed during the war, having a total of 9000 Victims deceased in the Cold War.

Ganon and Giygas were confronted, after a battle, Giygas beat Ganon stinging eyes and imprisoning him in the Book again.

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  • Many People Die in this place.
  • Join Ganon or you will die.
  • Baby Weegee lives in this place.
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