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"You are my prisoner."

Full Name
Background Information
Hometown Hyrule
Status Alive
Likes Telling people to die
Making faces the Greatest in Koridai
Dislikes Being trapped in books
Being chained
Alignment Evil
Source Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
Appearances Hitler Encounters CD-i Ganon
Selena Gomez Encounters CD-i Ganon
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Demon
Gender Male
Age born February

 21, 1956; age 61

Hair Color
Fur Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Militron
Serena D'ohmez
Enemies Link
Princess Zelda
Selena Gomez
Date Joined

Ganon is the villain from the CD-i Legend of Zelda games. He became popular in YouTube Poop for his appearance that, according to The Angry Video Game Nerd, "Makes the Ganon from the cartoon look badass."

Not to be confused with Ganondork.

He likes to tell people to die.

Early life

Not much is known about the early days of Ganon. He was born in 1956 and grew up in poverty with his father and brother, never knowing his deceased mother. Since he never had a decent job, it is also assumed that he flunked or dropped out of school.

Music career

DIE- the debut album by Ganon and Gwonam03:23

DIE- the debut album by Ganon and Gwonam

DIE - Full Album

In 1978, Ganon started a musical career with his roommate, Gwonam. In a two-man group simply called "Ganon and Gwonam", they wrote their first album called DIE, the album was a commercial success. After they made a Christmas album, the fame got to their heads and after an argument. The friendship between the two ended bitterly, thus ending "Ganon and Gwonam."


By unknown means, Ganon became the "King of Evil" with thousands of minions at his feet by 1986. He was behind several attempts to conquer various kindoms such as Koradai and Gamelon. His favorite target was Hyrule, but his plans were always foiled by Link.


Not+into+the+pit+it+burns+ 9c815225749fed6275ba570a45471d11


In 2008 Ganon was married to Zelda. This spawned a truce between him and The King. A year later Zelda came home to Ganon's lair drunk and literally beat the shit out of him after an argument about their child, Zeldanon. After changing his pants Ganon divorced Zelda and returned to the constant invasion of Hyrule.


Ganon remains in his lair playing video games, rarely going outside. He now has a special minion that leads the attacks invasions as he no longer seems interested in overthrowing The King. He now earns his living by running a pub that, ironically, The King visits regularly.

Death (Undertale)

Youtube poop the last dinner by admiraln30

Ganon in the last dinner

Ganon died when Link put him into the burning pit inside the book, and then he reincarnated as Chara.

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