Gabe The Dog
Origins before becoming a Meme
Originated as a bark montage
Origin Date January 8, 2013
Origins as a Meme
Originated on YouTube
Origin Date January 8, 2013
First User deathtrips
Current Applications
Bork Remixes

Gabe is a miniature Eskimo dog/Pomeranian mix who is owned by deathtrips and is also a famous youtube animal, along with archer. He's so famous for the dog source videos.



Gabe was owned by deathtrips in the beginning of his channel. Not much is known about this dog, but will be edited right now bcuz deathtrips is a cul dood


Gabe is the best fucking puppet alive and is the dankest pup around, he snorts and sneezes like a champ

Helping you

After gabe had heard a sudden scream, he noticed that you were in danger, so he uses his cute bark to defeat the enemies. Gabe saves you from these guys.


Gabe died after he saved You and I. He threw himself into the bullet that was shot badly by Kevin and he got shot. Gabe had fallen onto the floor and died suddenly.


After the death, deathtrips decided to use the (you guessed it) to wish his dog back, and so he is back.


Gabe is still being famous for the dog source videos.


  • Doge
  • Deathtrips


  • Gabe is actually real.
  • He also is actually famous, if you think I is lying.
  • Gabe is actually the breed I said he was.
  • Gabe died on January 19, 2017.

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