GTFO, standing for Get the fuck out, means exactly what it implies. So what are you waiting for?

How To GTFO Type of Device
Commit Suicide (and join the likes of Billy Mays) Works for every device
Click on the Close button in the corner of the window Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Hold Command and press Q Mac
Alt + F4 Windows
Open Task Manager, and cancel "csrss.exe" Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (not Windows 8.1)
Delete System32 Windows, Linux
Type "rm -rf" in Linux Terminal Linux, Mac, Rooted Android
Press Home Button iOS, Android, Wii, 3DS or Wii U
Loading this webpage (and causing a a system meltdown) Windows Vista
Run Solitare Windows Vista
Unplug Machine All devices without batteries
Do not insult us with your presence again All Devices
Logging-out of your account permanently (#YouDied) All Social networking sites
Press the 'power' button All devices
Invite TechRax to your house iOS, Android
Install a virus Any operating system compatible with the virus
Eating onion rings IRL, and some video games

People Who Need To GTFO

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