"You are not even worthy of the clear belt!"
– Fuzzy dissing SpongeBob
Fuzzy Acorns

Fuzzy Acorns was a squirrel and a master of karate. He was a character of Spongebob series. He appears just in one episode because he died in the same episode by the hands of his cousin Fizzy Walnuts.



He was born in the year 1936. During his childhood, he with his cousin, Fizzy Walnuts trained Karate becoming later the most powerful masters of the karate. Later, he met Sandy Cheeks who later became his apprentice.

The Masters of KarateEdit

In sometime he and his cousin "Fizzy Walnuts" are friendly and honestly masters of the karate, One day, Fuzzy and Fizzy visit their apprentice Sandy Cheeks and his friend Spongebob Squarepants. During the episode, Fuzzy tried to convince Fizzy to follow the good actions.

Later, Fuzzy tells Fizzy fight against him, when Fizzy Walnuts was defeated by his cousin then everyone includes Fuzzy Acorns and Sandy Cheeks tease him, Fizzy was shocked by the scene and his mind was corrupted and his body deformed.


After that, Fizzy Walnuts screams and killed, mutilated and scrunch Fuzzy Acorns, Sandy Cheeks and Spongebob were traumatized by the scene, Fizzy escapes from the scene and starts to kill everybody in his road.

Fuzzy Acorns
Fuzzy Acorns: eaten by Fizzy Walnuts

(Lived: 1936 - 2039)

Later, Fuzzy was buried by Mr. Krabs and everyone honored him, After that, Fuzzy's soul lives in Fizzy's Mind, trying to convince Fizzy not follow the evil actions. Lamentably, his scenes in the War of the Squads was removed.

Character InfoEdit





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