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The president of Fuhur, Leopold Hartz.

Background Information
Demonym Fuhurian, Uncarian (outdated)
Final Year
Population 161 million (January 2015)
Government Type
Gini coefficient
Area 4,169,904.2 km² (1,610,000 sq mi)
Density 38.6/km² (100/sq mi)
Official Language
Current Leader
National Anthem
Today Part of
Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Working population
Unemployment rate
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Annual Military Spending
Budget per soldier
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Fuhur, borders Canada and is close to USA.

The Forced Uncary-Hartzian Union Republic (or Fuhur) is a nation between United States of America and the Mushroom Kingdom, and the home of metal music. It blocks the sea route of the USA to other nations at the east side. The capitol of Fuhur was Darth Tendo, and its national language is German Language.

Name Edit

Before the 2015 name reform started by dictator and president Leopold Günßel Hartz began, Fuhur was called Uncary. Since the reform it was illegal to call Fuhur Uncary.


The today's nation was founded and created by Germany before the events of War of the Squads with the objective of opening a place for Germans, who make up about half of all Metal music (especially German metal/Rammstein), the music favored by most Elves. During the good time of building roads, houses and other things, Tirek got bored and decided to give the presidential position to Leopold Hartz, who gave a golden era to the place. Tirek decided to return and was proclaimed vice-president but he's still bored.



Map of Fuhur



About 161 million people live in Fuhur. With an area about 4,200,000 km²/1,610,000 sq mi, it has a density of 38.3/km² or exactly 100/sq mi. Uninteresting, or not? Yes.

Relations with other NationsEdit


Fuhur and Canada are in an odd friend/enemy relationship. On the one hand, they shared an enemy, Princess Celestia. However, the fact Fuhur has massive slavery hurt the relationship. Comys Prower went to Fuhur for a week in 2015, where he met the Fuhurian president, Leopold Hartz.


Equestria was once Fuhur's biggest enemy. The main reason was because Leopold was an Anti-Brony and wanted to kill Equestria's dictator and accomplish his dreams. Today, these two countries are currently helping each other with the economy and the currency of their respective nations.

Mushroom KingdomEdit

The Mushroom Kingdom and Fuhur are themselves set against neutral. Fuhur was a great buyer of Sos from the Mushroom Kingdom.


Fuhur and Arendelle are bitter enemies, so extremly like their relationship with Equestria.


Because these nations had the same language and culture, they are allied. As a former colony of the German Empire, the relations has always been strongly tied. Due to Fuhur's more aggressive rule (past the YTP Wars of course), Fuhur was seen as a more internationally active country than Germany. Germany imports billions of dollars in Lars of metal music into Fuhur per year.

Chocadoobie EmpireEdit

Fuhur and Chocadoobie are currently at war( here)


Since Fuhur was in a partially bloody conflict with Equestria, the F³ (FFF/Fuhurian Fighter Force), experienced a massive expansion. Before the revolution, the F³ was, after the Canadian and Hyrule army, the third biggest army in the YTP world and owner from nuclear weapons.

Orson's CorporationEdit


An example

Orson Welles founded a company in Fuhur dedicated to turning ponies into robots and/or teaching them to be 20% cooler. Many have been improved and sent to Canada

Famous FuhuriansEdit

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