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YouTube Poop- Frying Nemo

Frying Nemo is a Youtube Poop made by EmperorLemon and it is mainly based on the 2003 Disney Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. It was uploaded on October 17, 2014. In this video, Nemo must quickly decide or be the main food for a dentist while Marlin and Dory (who has short-term memory-loss) tries to find him, but almost ate by a giant shark called Bruce.

The video gained popularity on YouTube in a short period, but its views have been few, managing to reach just 1,808,000 and 19,000 likes as of May 2016. However, the video is still being appreciated by the public like a good YTP.



  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Arthur
    • "Arthur's Big Hit"
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dr. Seuss on the Loose
  • Family Guy
    • "I Dream of Jesus"
    • "The Fat Guy Strangler"
    • "A Fish Out of Water"
    • "MInd Over Murder"
  • Futurama
    • "Attack of the Killer App"
  • King of the Hill
    • "Pilot"
  • Looney Tunes
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  • Pokemon
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Rick and Morty
    • "Something Ricked This Way Comes"
  • Rugrats
    • "Angelica Breaks a Leg"
  • The Simpsons
    • "Blame It on Lisa"
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    • "Hurricane Neddy"
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
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    • "Arrgh!"
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    • "Mid-Life Crustacean"
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    • "Squirrel Jokes"
  • Squidbillies
    • "Frivilous Squidigation"
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis
    • "To be added"
  • Teen Titans


  • Cast Away
  • Finding Nemo
  • Friday
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  • Pulp Fiction
  • Red's Dream
  • Jaws
  • Scarface
  • Shrek
  • Titanic
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


  • "Anaconda" by Nicki Manaj
  • "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme"
  • "Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme"
  • "Bodies" by Drowning Pool
  • "Bowser Battle" from Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack
  • "Clown Robbery Credits Music"
  • "Gangam Style" by PSY
  • "Grandtheft" by Mobbin
  • "Hooked on Polkas" by Weird Al Yankovic
  • "I Like Big Butts" by Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin
  • "Meet The TF2 Theme"
  • "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion
  • "Replaying the Game" from Gun Control: The Game
  • "Smells Like Nirvana" by Weird Al Yankovic
  • "Spongebob Theme Song"
  • "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A.
  • "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil' Jon
  • "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses
  • "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
  • "You Spin Me Around" by Dead or Alive

TV ShowsEdit

  • The Amazing Race
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Breaking Bad
  • Cake Boss
  • Dane Cook: Vicious Circle
  • Dexter
    • "Born Free"
  • Geroge Lopez
  • Jeopardy!
  • Sesame Street
  • Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
  • WWE

Video GamesEdit

  • Angry Birds
  • Hungry Pumkin
  • Garry's Mod
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Super Mario 64
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Minesweeper
  • Minecraft

Web VideosEdit

  • "Bill O' Reilly Rant"
  • ''AsdfMovie3''
  • "CLOWN ROBBERY" by psychicpebbles
  • "Super Smash Bros Pause Attacks"
  • "Fat Man with a Gun"
  • "Gabe Newell Blue Screen (Microsoft Trash Talk)"
  • "Billy Mays: Not Anymore"
  • "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!" by CopperCab
  • How it Should Have Ended
  • ''The NONcredibles'' by Emplemon
  • "PowerTrip (18+)" by Spazkidin3D
  • "Reporter interrupted during live broadcast (FHRITP)" by thepofguy
  • "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life" by Airplane Randy
  • "How it Fells to Chew 5 Gum"
  • "Thats all folks!" by briankane


  • Old Spice

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