Fox Mcloud

Fox and Pit.

Fox McCloud (born 1968; age 50) is an American fox born during the civil rights movement. Joined the air force in 1990 Today he works as a factory boss in a Chevy factory, he quit the air force in 1998. However, he was in the army in Dresden, Saxony in 1990-1991 watching for soviets. He was a staff sgt.

America considers him a traitor because he decided to work for the Soviets. He became wanted by the UNSC on 1997. Since he has those fox speed powers, he was able to evade them up to 2008 where he was shot down.


In 2008, he was making a large scale drug deal. The UNSC was here and caught him off guard. They blew him up with a tank.

Legal issues

  • He shoplifted an umbrella in 1978
  • Tried for war crimes in 1990 and was not convicted
  • He was tried for battery when Jafar jumped out at him and yelled "HEIL HITLER" never convicted in 2001
  • He sued Drew Pickles in 2009

Medical Issues

  • He got hit by a car in 1980
  • He got the flu so bad that he needed to go to the hospital in 1988
  • He was shot by Andross in the leg in 1999
  • He had a heart attack in 2009

Personal Information

Religion: Catholic
Lives: New Orleans


In the year 20XX Fox was revived and became the real Melee Master Surpassing Sheik.He was also doing Wombo Combos alongside Captain Falcon.He can also shine.