"It's been so long. Since I last have seen my son. Lost to this monster. To the man behind the slaughter."
– Song of The Living Tombstone

Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror game that is played by idiots who think a little damn teddy bear and other animatronics are scary as hell. The game's developer was Scott Cawthon, who of course made other weird games.
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The game involves a rather retarded security guard (C'mon, do you know any other security guards who risk their life for $120.50?) patrolling the restaurant at 12AM to 6AM. Of course, no horror game is easy so they make it harder as you go along. There are 6 nights the player must pass. There is a "phone guy" that helps the player but he is useless as he gets eaten and raped by the animatronics. The player can also do a seventh, custom night. But then again, do you want to get raped by animatronics for no pay? You want to know the worst part? There's going be a third.


Of course, they are going to make it much harder than the first. Think Fast.

  • Door - Oh noes! They took off the door that protects you from the Patchy the Pirate Fox animatronic. Deal with it. Besides, Doors are overrated.
  • Mangle - Oh fuck. It's a grey robotic fox. Run for your life. Seriously.
  • Flashlight - Infinite power except you get a flashlight instead.
  • Vents - At least they function properly...
  • 10/20 mode -> Only true FNAF addicts can beat this horribly hard mode.


The game is wrongly considered a 'horror' game. But really, the only people who get 'scared' are attention whores looking for trillions of views on Youtube.


Meet them or Die trying to...If you can

  • Freddy Fazbear - The psychotic bear.
  • Foxy - Shit! It's the Patchy the Pirate Fox!
  • Mangle - We have no idea. Run
  • Balloon Boy - That creepy little kid that stops your flashlight. Shipt
  • Toy Chica - Of course, she was only added to make people horny.
  • Toy Bonnie - You will not like Rabbits after meeting this guy.
  • Puppet - Yeah. Figure it yourself.
  • Golden Freddy - An improved Freddy. Run.
  • Bonnie (V1) - Rabbit without a face. Shit.
  • Chica (V1) - Less schmexy version of chica.
  • Toy Freddy - Who the fuck said Yogi bear could be in this game!?


  • Night 1 -> If you die, just get out. Don't even try. You have no business being a MLG.
  • Night 2 -> Same thing as Night 1. BTW, Enjoy Foxy visiting you every now and then.
  • Night 3 -> Chances are, you're going to die. A LOT.
  • Night 4 -> Like Night 3 except better. >:)
  • Night 5 -> We'll be at your memorial service.
  • Night 6 -> Say hello to Golden Freddy will ya?[[Category:]]