Father KND

If you thought the Delightful Children From Down the Lane were bad, just wait until you meet this hellish dumbass!

Father is a flamming silhoetted [explictive] who's also the (of course) Father of the Delightful Children From Down the Lane. He's also an avid child torturer/murderer and (possibly even) a Satanism activist along with I.M. Meen. He's the leader of a group of omnicidal maniacs who's ultimate goal is to get rid of every child on Earth, oblivious to the fact that this would doom the human race to a slow, painful death. Without his shadow, he's a bit of a [explictive] coward. But don't call him a coward right in front of him, because those who did are rumored not to return according to The Uprising, Shenron, and The Enclosed Instruction Book

Due to his actions being much more [explictive] and morbid than that of the DCFDTL, he's wanted by the United Nations Space Command instead of the United Nations for his heinous crimes. Due to his clever ability to evade the UNSC's arrest and execution attempts, he's currently being relentlessly pursued by Master Chief, Solid Snake, and Frank Woods, the heroes that are impossible to kill no matter what. News update: Father was found dead and ripped apart in Tyrantrum's basement. Nobody cared. Cause' he was a douchebag that old father. However, the UNSC is trying to locate Tyrantrum so that Fleet Admiral Hood can congratulate him.