Family Guy is the magical fantasy land of closeted furry and skid mark on comedy, Seth MacFarlane. Despite the title, the show has nothing to do with family matters and is structured with a cluster of unfunny sociopaths who just happen to be related.

The best way to understand what this show truly is to imagine yourself at a party laughing and joking with other when some drunk bursts in yelling at everyone for being Republicans and/or Chirstians, joking about culture nobody remembers or cares about, and farting everywhere. Everyone tries to ignore him except for inept 13 year olds who only keep him going. That is indeed Family Guy's place in the realm of entertainment.



And den Peter fawted!

Ask any decent person and you will get the guaranteed answer that the Griffins are the worst characters ever defecated. The cast are all one-note in personaility with some originally being intended for one time appearances.
  • Peter Griffin: A fat retarded Rhode Island(er) that can't support his disfunctional at best family. This was once the point of the show until 80% of his screen time being reserved reminiscences of a show he watched.
  • Brian Griffin : The wannabe dog
  • Stewie Griffin: A "hilariously evil" baby that ramles about conquering the world and getting with whatever gay interest. He is also 1 year old and his head is a Football.
  • Lois Griffin: An annoying housewife that provides most of the sex jokes. Even before you go insane from the sound of her voice, you'll notice how much the writer favor her and try to designate her as "attractive" despite her being repulsice in every way.
  • Meg Griffin: The teenage daughter who is used solely to make the rest look like winners. Cue instant butthurt from her fans who demand that she be treated like a god.
  • Chris Griffin: The obese son who is only used when the writers get tired of the others.
  • Glen Quagmire: The show's go-to guy for any jokes about rape, pedophilia, beastiaaality, and whatever Seth is horny for at the moment.
  • Joe Swanson: A crippled cop who has to be reminded of his hanicap every second of his screentime. His friends make fun of him even though he hands their asses to them almost as often as he shouts at the top of his lungs.
  • Mort Goldman: a annoying Jew who owns a Medical Pharmacy. His wife is dead and he can't even kill a Pig
  • Mayor Adam West: The mayor of Quahog who acts weird
  • Herbert: The Pedophile
  • Ernie The Giant Chicken: A psycho demented chicken who only cares about fucking up Peter.