Bert's homicidal side

Bert's homicidal side


The lazy muppet, himself.

Ernie is a lazy freeloader who lives with his "best friend" Bert. Ernie lives off of the money Bert makes and he blows all the money on bath toys, such as rubber ducks.

Early lifeEdit

Ernie graduated from Havard with a PhD in Nuclear physics and astrophyics. Ernie then met his future best friend and archenemy Bert. Ernie met Bert while in line at McDonalds. Bert was reading a book called how to build a rubber duck, and once Ernie saw the book he knew that him and Bert would be best friends. Bert eventually got over Ernie's annoying behavior and they became the best of buddies. Ernie moved in with Bert and slowly stopped showing up to the university to study, then he started to stop leaving the apartment in general. Eventually Ernie became a total freeloader. Bert over time became very annoyed with Ernie.

Bert vs. ErnieEdit

Bert and Ernie decided to go fishing one day, and on that fateful day Bert had finally lost his patience with Ernie when Ernie told him that it was Bert's fault his cat died. While Bert agreed that stuffing his cat in the freezer was technically his fault he was still offended by Ernie's harsh words. Bert then decided he was going to murder Ernie by stabbing him to death. First he was going to stab his legs, then his arms, and then his liver. Ernie then realized the error of his ways but it was too late, Bert had became a madman set on stabbing Ernie all over. Ernie tried to plead with Bert to spare his life but Bert was too far gone to speak to. As Bert was planning his plan to stab Ernie, sheriff Shark caught him and warned Bert that he was not allowed to stab Ernie.