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March 12, 2010

Comedy Genres:

Black comedy, pitch shifting, sentence mixing, stutter loops, ear rape, eye rape

EmpLemon is a well-known YouTube Pooper. He is best known for creating The UNcredibles and The NONcredibles, as well as many other YouTube Poops. He has been criticized for 9/11 jokes, like Cartoonlover98, in many of the comments on his videos. He got tired of seeing the comment along with many others. He also made Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires and the Frying Nemo saga. He was the king of YouTube Poop, before he went on a downward spiral and started loathing his fans. Later, he has made a video about how Behind the Meme was a horrible channel and how it ruined memes.


Downward Spiral and giving up PIXAR PoopsEdit


EmpLemon (left) and Goop Videos (right)

In 2016, EmpLemon gave up Pixar poops after his fans kept pestering him to do more. He's also stated that he's not going to do Frying Dory. In a recent video, he's stated one of the main reasons his Downward Spiral began was because his fans got mad at him because he wanted to make Green Simpsons videos.

The Downward Spiral has allowed EmpLemon to do things that most YouTubers don't do, such as making deliberately offensive videos, asking people to unsubscribe, and being (justifiably) toxic to his fans. Despite this, his channel has experienced the most rapid growth in its history during the Downward Spiral.

Lately, EmpLemon has not been making as many YTPs as he used to, instead opting for update videos, commentaries, and Meme Theory videos.

Behind the Meme RantEdit

MEME Theory How Behind The Meme is Ruining the Memescape as we Know It32:26

MEME Theory How Behind The Meme is Ruining the Memescape as we Know It

In 2017, EmpLemon made a video about how Behind the Meme was ruining the memescape, and provided a large amount of evidence to support this fact. This caused many people to see how Behind the Meme is cancer.

However, Behind the Meme's fans attacked EmpLemon in the comments section of the video. EmpLemon responded by turning their comments into a "Try not to Cringe" compilation. Notably, Pie Pivotmontier -O commented on this video, stating that "people who have anime profile pics shouldn't even use the word cringe."


It is unknown what EmpLemon will do in the future, although it has been implied that he's going to make more Green Simpsons videos.

YouTube PoopsEdit

Likes Edit

  • His wallet

Dislikes Edit

  • Disney (they ate his wallet)
  • Traps
  • His fans
  • "Frying Dory"
  • Fucking Behind the Meme
  • Normies
  • Stuart K. Reilly (Criticised EmpLemon's channel in the first place)

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