Date Joined:

March 12, 2010

Comedy Genres:

Black comedy, pitch shifting, sentence mixing, stutter loops, eye rape

EmpLemon is a well-known YouTube Pooper. He is best known for creating The UNcredibles and The NONcredibles, as well as many other YouTube Poops. He has been criticized for 9/11 jokes, like Cartoonlover98, in many of the comments on his videos. He got tired of seeing the comment along with many others. He also made Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires and the Frying Nemo saga. He was the king of YouTube Poop, before he went on a downward spiral and started loathing his fans. Later, he has made a video about how Behind the Meme was a horrible channel and how it ruined memes.


Downward Spiral and giving up PIXAR PoopsEdit

Recently during 2016, EmpLemon has been tormented by YouTube Pooper fans and pestered to do Pixar Poops, by 2016 this year he gave up making Disney/Pixar films and he no longer uses it as a source, however recently people have been pestering him to make Frying Dory, but he however refuses to make it, and as stated in Refrying Dory he tells why he doesn't want to make the film, he says he will not make a Frying Dory a sequel to Frying Nemo and that is final,

EmpLemon (left) and Goop Videos (right)

Recently he hardly makes YTPs as of now and concurrently makes commentary videos at times or meme or theory videos, However though he still makes YTPs but hardly ever does them depending on what to make of them, currently they're still users pestering EmpLemon to make Frying Dory and he's recently on downward spiral lately because he's loosing subscribers and he's having recently a hard life,


As of now what to do with Emplemon it's unknown what EmpLemon is to do with himself yet, what his future YTPs will be yet,

YouTube PoopsEdit

Likes Edit

  • His wallet

Dislikes Edit

  • Disney (they ate his wallet)
  • Traps
  • His fans
  • "Frying Dory"

See Also Edit

I hate this channel
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