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The Elite Cactus Squad is a highly powerful organization that fights evil. It is led by Roy Gerbil and headquartered in Roy, New Mexico. It has 15 million members.


The ECS is the only group of intelligent people left in the wasteland known as the USA. It, however, mainly exists in Canada, despite having an HQ in the U.S. It is currently growing, and is expected to surpass the Murica Party by 3500 CE.


The Elite Cactus Squad was founded in 1978 in order to save the JoyBubbles phone booth. They grew by offering super powers to members, such as teleportation, spiky ness, and other abilities that cactuses have. Due to their growth, they successfully saved the booth.

In 2001, they warned the US Gov. about an upcoming terrorist attack by ISIS with their Cactus Prediction, but the government was too lazy to stop it.

In 2013, Canada got rid of its military, and instead made the higher up former military members inlist in the Elite Cactus Squad. They were accepted, and to this day, Canada employs the ECS as its military.

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