Edzilla ID


Edzilla is a monster made by Ed, Edd, n Eddy with their DNA. He's really a clone of Ed but Edd and Eddy experimented with his body and when Edd put accidentally their DNA, he created this creature and started eating everybody. He's also the pet of Ratigan.


Eddy was looking for a new idea to rip off guys and Ed wanted to be a monster, then Edd decides to turn Ed into a Weegee but not so wild, Eddy and Ed were excited of the idea. Later, Double D experiments with Ed's body to transform him, Eddy said to Ed do not ruin the plan, Ed then agreed. Lamentably, Edd and eddy combined their DNA and kept it in a jar, Edd made the mistake of injected it into the body of Ed.

Ed suffers from a horrible metamorphosis, Ed's body creates a deformed monster uncontrolled called Edzilla. Then Edzilla hurt Ed, Edd n Eddy gravely and escapes from the scene.

Edzilla Work

Later, Professor Padric Ratigan founds him eating in the trash, Ratigan captures him and took him to his lair. Edzilla was trained by Ratigan during 3 years. Lamentably he lost his work when Ratigan abandon him.

Edzilla unleashed


An epic movie tale starring: LiberationSans, DejaVuSans, MRCRAZYISTMANEVER who stared those movies:

  • Edzilla unleashed - MRCRAZYISTMANEVER2!
  • Edzilla unleashed 2 - MRCRAZYISTMANEVER2!
  • Edzilla unleashed 3? - mremilable?


  • After his metamorphosis, Edzilla becomes a follower of Satan.
  • Edzilla isn't smart but he know who their his next victims.
  • Edzilla can spit fire out of his mouth.
  • He was a SCP for a time, but later he escaped from the Foundation.