Eddy ID

Eddy is a greedy, self-proclaimed leader of the Edds. He is generally very overconfident and his scams normally end in failure. He is also the one with the clearest love for money.

He is also the beloved grandson of Donald Trump.


He is the most stubborn dwarf group. His plans are always based on getting money to buy candy joints (which may sound pathetic, but in this show the sweets are ridiculously huge), but their plans end up failing because someone in the neighborhood or the same Eds do not see the errors of their plans (after making porn) is the self-proclaimed leader of the group and who leads the catastrophic plans Eds. Cases also suffers from narcissism and schizophrenia.

Politcal CareerEdit

One day, the newspaper revealed that Eddy strongly supported all Republican candidates since he was born. For example, he was in favour of the foreign policy of the actor, Ronald Reagan and the Bush family, into bombarding half nation to gain popularity and prevent americans from losing their nickname of "mega-superpower-dude".


  • He has a bad relationship with Edd and Ed, possibly because he always abuses them.
  • During his childhood, he was raped by his brother. (Which is why he is a dick to others)
  • He's a dork in many things.
  • He has the greatest and at the same time, the worst pyramid scheme in history.

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