"Billy Mays here with Ebola Cola! Guaranteed to burn your insides!"
– Billy Mays sponsoring Ebola Cola

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Ebola Cola (sometimes called Coke Ebola) was a product created by the US government in affiliation with Coca-Cola. Ebola Cola is a strange version of Coca Cola that transmits the Ebola virus from place to place. It has been endorsed by Billy Mays because he's a asshole, and ISIS because they needed a new reason to LOL.


While attempting to create a cure for both cancer and AIDS, the government put too much mustard and created the Ebola virus. They thought their creation tasted good and so they decided to package and sell it. Americans became deceived and bought it. It then went to the rest of the world which infected them.

People who drank this

Places with Ebola Cola



  • Turns you into a zombie after 69 days
  • Gives you Ebola, obviously
  • Makes you bleed internally and gives you a hemorrhagic fever
  • Explosive diarrhea that blows up your stomach
  • IQ of negative one or lower
  • Gives you the retardtedness power of this guy.
  • Knowing de wae.