"Hi! Billy Mays here for Ebola Cola!"
Billy Mays selling canned Ebola.

A 'World War Z' Prop The first Ebola zombie

Ebola is the virus that will wipe out humanity. It starts with cold symptoms, then you Die. Then after 69 days, you reawaken as a zombie. Many people believe that the virus was caused by a bat.


Ebola was a 1987 government experiment that was to be released to lower the population and stop overpopulation. Due to the volatile nature of the virus, it began infecting other animals, increasing its mutability.

In 2014, it reappeared, infecting western Hyrule. Within a month coca cola released Ebola-Cola to leach off the popularity of the virus. Due to americans buying anything with the word 'cola' in it, they got infected. America is now the main home of the virus.

Ebola is set to wipe out humanity in Dec. 21, 2012, some time in the future.



America was infected with Ebola in 2014, due to the fact americans will consume anything with the name 'cola' in it, and thereafter drank Coca-Cola's new product: Ebola Cola.

8/10 of the population is infected, and the other two tenths are either dead or reawakened as a Zombie.


Koridai, due to the fact they secretly have a cure (100% maple syrup), they have remained clean from Ebola. Some of it also may have to do with Koridai's cold temperatures freezing the virus, but this is just a very popular rumor.


Arendelle's extreme policy of destroying all things contaminated with Ebola, plus it's extreme isolation has kept it clean from Ebola.


Hyrule is mostly uninfected, despite the fact Ebola started here. This is due to the fact that Western Hyrule has been nuked multiple times.


China is infected, albeit somewhat sporadically. This is probably due to Goku visiting America and drinking Ebola-Cola.


Cybertron is infected because Megatron got it on his foot and brought it there before experiencing symptoms.


The Ugandan Knuckles Tribe spread Ebola across Mobius.

People who are infected

The Ebola Wednesday Pumpkin

Some say, on a beautiful Wednesday night, the Ebola Wednesday Pumpkin goes around the world and gives all the good little boy and girls Ebola. This legend varies from a pumpkin, to Santa, and even the spirit of Billy Mays. However, the pumpkin version is more common.

Ebola Related Quotes

"Get it neow!"
Sonic the Hedgehog