Eat at Grimlock's

A restaurant in Canada

"You will die, earthling... unless you eat in this wonderful restaurant!"
Megatron threaten you to eat here
Eat at Grimlock's is the best restaurant in YTP Universe never made before. Founded and created by the dinobot Grimlock to avoid paying taxes on his planet, Cybertron. Employees here are respected and treated with sincerity, especially because the majority are from Da-Da's army of creepy ogre babies.



Despite being the king of all the dinobots, Grimlock was treated like a fatass for not helping Optimus Prime and the Autobots to win the battle against the Decepticons. Grimlock tried to solve it telling them he was the one who helped to create YTP World but he was humiliated even more. Tired of being humiliated by other dinobots, Grimlock created and founded with his minions the restaurant called Eat at Grimlock's on Cybertron, a restaurant that had everything, employees, fast food, excellent reservation, 5 stars, and the approval of the gods of YTP.


Several years passed and everything was fine with the restaurant, until Grimlock was blamed for his actions in the past. Grimlock was imprisoned forever and Eat at Grimlock's had to close its doors...from now. Grimlock was a genius because he escaped from the prison of Cybertron and worked in a restaurant under the sea called Krusty Krab for years making the best plan to steal the secret formula of krabby patties.

The Dark DayEdit

Then, the dark day happened, Grimlock blamed Krusty Krab after the shot of a laser was launched to the Krusty Krab perpetrated by them. When they were in war, Grimlock managed to steal the secret formula and escape from Bikini Bottom and return to Cybertron. Grimlock was liberated from prison and Eat at Grimlock's opened its doors again after several years of silence.

The Creepy Ogre BabiesEdit

Years later, Grimlock recruited Da-Da's army of creepy ogre babies to work in this place for food, because Da-Da wanted they have their dreams fullfilled after all. The people who come to the restaurant, always focuses more on the creepy ogre babies than in what they eat, obviously, Grimlock solved it giving to the babies Skodwarde's masks. However, many people knew about this and they never returned to the restuarant again. Grimlock solved it again just killing them in the morning.


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