Earthworm Jim ID


Earthworm Jim is a hero videogame character of his own videogames series. He was a bored worm before, but when Skodwarde accidentally throws the "Super Suit" to the earth, Jim introduced to the suit and becomes a Super Hero.

Character InfoEdit


  • Good
  • Be a super hero
  • Princess What's-her-name
  • Peter Puppy
  • Destroy his enemies


  • Psy-Crow
  • Evil
  • Villains
  • Space Ghost
  • Be defeated in a battle
  • Peter Puppy biting his leg.
  • Losing


  • Peter Puppy
  • Snott
  • Mario
  • Sonic
  • Link


  • Psy-Crow
  • Professor Monkey-for-a-head
  • Evil the Cat
  • Bowser
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Justin Bieber
  • Dr. Robotnik

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